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Richard Tom Foundation Burlington Criterium - Stage 4

For the most accurate information please see the race Tech Guide.

1 kilometer (.62 miles) per lap

A 6-corner, very technical course in the heart of downtown Burlington, Vermont. 
Please be sure to review the course prior to your race.

The start of each race will be controlled for ~ ½ a lap. This means the pace will be slow so riders can get clipped in and settled. Riders may not ride the bumper or pass the pace car. 

  1. The course has some irregular pavement, cobblestones, manhole covers and grates. Due to the technical nature of this course and irregular surface conditions, participants are encouraged to make a walking inspection of the course.  Use extreme caution.
  2. Marshals will be posted around the course to warn riders of downed riders, dogs and other obstacles.  Please be aware that there may be unforeseen obstacles on the course.
  3. There is new pavement on Pine Street and Main Street.  This is a fast part of the course so please preview this turn prior to your race and be alert to the storm drain and water line cover in the turn.

Located just off Main Street at the corner of Church Street.

Start times are posted in the Tech Guide which can be downloaded in the Tech Guide Tab. Except for the first race of the day (which begins at 8:30 am), the actual start times for this stage may differ from the estimated start times posted below. Listen for the announcer’s call to staging.

2018 Start Times:

Flynn Theatre (across from the start line), 153 Main Street, Burlington, Vermont. Sign-in opens at 7:30 am.