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Randolph Circuit Race - Stage 2

For the most accurate information see the race Tech Guide.


DISTANCE — Women 3/4/5, Men 4 37 miles/60K (2004 ft. climbing) Men Cat 3, 40+, 50/60+ and Women P/1/2/3 74 miles/120K (4008 ft. of climbing). Men P/1/2 111 miles/180K (6012 ft. climbing).

The course starts at the Randolph High School on Forest Street/Rt. 12 in Randolph. There will be a neutral rolling start of .7 miles (1.1K) until Rt. 12a at the Randolph Recreation fields. At mile 5 (8K) racers will cross a live and active rail road track. Please use caution here as the crossing is not perpendicular to the road. Also be alert for approaching trains and stop as required. At mile 11 (18K) the road narrows as you pass under a narrow railroad bridge – please be sure to stay on your side of the yellow line. The first sprint hot spot is at mile 12 (20K) near Cram Hill Road. Racers will ride through Roxbury and onto Northfield where the course turns right onto Rt. 12 south. The single K/QoM will come at mile 27.5 (44K) is at the summit of the Brookfield Gulf. From the K/QoM there is a fast twisty downhill for 5 Miles (8K). The finish and second sprint hot spot is at Ayers Brook Goat Dairy at 37 miles from the start. It is a short distance from the finish to return to the high school.

FINISH LINE — The race finishes on a straight section of Rt. 12 at the Ayers Brook Goat Dairy. Racers may use the entire roadway starting at 500M for all finish line sprints.  Use caution and be alert for any cars in the finishing zone.

FINISH BONUS — Finishing Sprint is 5 deep for both Hot Spot Sprint points and GC time bonus:
Hot Spot Sprint Points= 10-7-5-3-1
GC time bonus = 15-11-8-5-3 (seconds)

SPRINT COMPETITION — Two sprints per lap with an intermediate sprint on Rt. 12a at mile 12.5 and a second sprint at the finish line. Points will be awarded 5 deep for the intermediate sprint: 6-4-3-2-1.

    • Women 3/4/5, Men 4 – 2 sprints
    • Men P/1/2 6 sprints
    • All other fields – 4 sprints

K/QOM COMPETITION — There is one sprint location per lap at mile 27.5 (44K) at the top of the Brookfield Gulf climb. Points will be awarded 5 deep: 6-4-3-2-1

    • Women 3/4/5, Men 4 – 1 sprint
    • Men P/1/2 3 sprints
    • All other fields – 2 sprints

SIGN-IN — In front of the main entrance to the high school.
FEED ZONE — On the rise across the street from the high school.
NUMBERS — left side and right side, frame
EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES - At the finish area and out with fields.

JR ROLLOUT Just after the finish in the Ayers Brook Goat Dairy driveway area.







Start at Randolph Union High School



Left onto Rt. 12



At stop right onto Rt. 66/Rt 12



Right onto Rt. 12a



Racing Starts at Randolph Rec Fields



Caution Live Railroad Tracks



Caution Narrow Underpass



Sprint Hot Spot



Entering Roxbury Village



Right onto Rt. 12



K/QoM Hot Spot - Top of Brookfield Gulf



Caution winding and fast descent



Finish Ayers Brook Goat Dairy


  • The intersection of Rt. 12 where it enters Rt. 66 is unusual.  The first lap this will be neutral and there will be police, please use caution and follow the directions of the police/marshals.
  • Railroad crossing at mile 5. It is a newly rebuilt crossing but at a slight angle to the road. Use caution. Also this is a live crossing! Be alert to approaching trains. You must stop for trains failure to do so, or to try to race across the tracks in front of an approaching train will result in immediate disqualification from the stage race (as well as a worse fate if you do not make it).
  • At mile 11 (18K) the road narrows as you pass under a railroad bridge – please be sure to stay on your side of the yellow line

Any rider suffering a mishap within the last 3 kilometers of Stage 2 will be given the time they would have attained had the mishap not occurred, provided the rider, if able, reports the crash to finish line officials immediately following the race. The rider will be given his/her actual place across the finish line (or last place in the stage if unable to cross the finish line). The rider will be allowed to start the next stage. 
NOTE: If you are involved in a mishap resulting in injury, please report it to a USAC official so that the proper paper work can be completed. This is for your protection and will allow you to file a claim if needed under the USAC insurance in place for the event. 

Warm up Area
Racers may warm-up by riding north on Rt. 12 prior to the start of the first wave. For the second wave warm-up on Rt. 66 heading east. You can access Rt. 66 from the high school parking lot. This is a busy road so please be courteous and use caution.
Restroom Facilities
Portable toilets are located at start area and the finish.
Directions to Race – Address 15 Forest Street (Rt. 12), Randolph, VT 05060

  • From the the Mad River Valley: Brook Road (TT course) to the Roxbury Gap Road. Take a right onto Rt. 12a to Randolph. Take Rt. 66 east and at the 4 way stop sign take a left onto Forest Street/Rt 12. The high school is on your right. 
  • From the north: I-89 south to exit 4 (Randolph Exit).  Take a right at the end of the exit ramp onto Rt. 66 west to the 4 way stop and take a right onto Forest Street/Rt 12. The high school is on the right.
  • From the south: I-89 north to exit 4 (Randolph Exit).  Take a left at the end of the exit ramp onto Rt. 66 west to the 4 way stop and take a right onto Forest Street/Rt 12. The high school is on the right.