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The Bridges Circuit Race - Stage 2

The Bridges Resort Circuit Race
Saturday, September 3, 2016
Stage 2

Circuit Course

Opening Circuit

DISTANCE — 17.4 mile circuit, with a 4.7 mile opening section.
FINISH LINE — The race finishes on a straight section of Field Days Road on a gradual uphill. Racers may use the entire roadway starting at 1K for all sprints.  Use caution and be alert for any cars in the finishing zone.

FINISH BONUS — Finishing Sprint is 5 deep for both Hot Spot Sprint points and GC time bonus:
Hot Spot Sprint Points= 10-7-5-3-1
GC time bonus = 15-11-8-5-3 (seconds)

SPRINT  COMPETITION — All Hot Spot sprints will be at the FINISH LINE on Field Days Road, not at the start line. Points will be awarded 5 deep: 6-4-3-2-1

    • Men Pro/1, Men 2, – 3 sprints
    • Men 4/5 Open & Masters Women 3/4 – 1 sprint
    • All other fields – 2 sprints

K/QOM COMPETITION — Located at the summit of the climb on Rt. 17 1.7 miles east of the right turn from Field Days Road onto Rt. 17. Points will be scored each time up the climb. Points will be awarded 3 deep: 3-2-1

    • Men Pro/1, Men 2 – 4 sprints
    • Men 4/5 Open & Masters, Women 3/4 – 2 sprint
    • All other fields – 3 sprints

— Field Days Site under tent if raining.
FEED ZONE — Located on the hill by the start area after the corner on Rt. 17 just after the turn from Field Days Road to Rt. 17.  Support personnel should park in the main parking area and bring their supplies with them to the roadway. Signs will be posted demarking the feed zone. Feeding will only be allowed at the start of Laps 3 & 4 unless it is warm and the Chief Referee modifies this rule. 
NUMBERS — left side and back pocket, frame
EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES - At the finish area and out with 3 fields.

JR ROLLOUT - Past Finish Line on the Field Days Site in adjacent to the staging area, look for signs

Start Times

Morning Wave            Category                                          Distance
8:30 am                      Juniors                                  3 laps/57.5 miles
8:40 am                      Men 4/5 Open                      2 laps/40 miles
8:45 am                      Men 4/5 Masters                  2 laps/40 miles
8:55 am                      Women P/1/2/3                     3 laps/57.5 miles
9:00 am                      Women 3/4                           2 laps/40 miles


Afternoon Wave        Category                                          Distance
12:30 pm                    Men Pro/1                              4 laps/75 miles
12:35 pm                    Men 2                                    4 laps/75 miles
12:45 pm                    Men 3                                     3 laps/57.5 miles
12:50 pm                    Men 40+                                3 laps/57.5 miles
1:00 pm                      Men 50+                                  2 laps/40 miles

Distance                      Description
Miles        KM                                                                                                                       
Opening Section
0                  0              Start Field Days Site
1.75            2.9            Right turn onto Quaker Village Road
4.0              6.6            Right turn onto Rt. 17 east
4.7              7.8            Rt. 17 @ Field Days

Circuit Course
0                  0              Field Days Site Rt. 17
1.7              2.8            K/QoM Hot Spot
2                 3.3            Right turn Pearson Road
4                 6.6            Caution Bad Pavement
5.2              8.6            Caution Single Lane Wood Decked Bridge – Ride to the middle of Bridge
6.9             11.5           Right turn Hamilton Road
8.3             13.8           Right turn onto Rt. 23 – Weybridge Center
8.4              14             Caution Steep Downhill
12.9           21.5           Right Turn onto Rt. 17
13.1           21.8           Caution - Narrow Bridge!
13.3           22.1           Right turn onto Quaker Village Road
15.4           25.6           USE EXTREME CAUTION SHARP DOWN HILL LEFT TURN 
15.5           25.8           Left turn onto Field Days  
17.2           28.6           Finish/Sprint Hot Spot – Field Days
17.4           28.9           Feed Zone Start
17.5            29             Right Turn onto Rt. 17
The stage will start with a 4.7-mile opening loop, which has racers traveling on the course in reverse for Field Days Road and Quaker Village Road. This will allow racers a warm-up prior to the first K/QoM Hot Spot on 1.7-miles past the Field Days start area. A short downhill will lead to a right onto Pearson Road. Be aware of some cracks in the pavement 2 miles in on this road. Pearson Road has several short climbs before a downhill to a single lane bridge. Use caution as some boards are cracked. Police will be controlling traffic on this bridge so that you can avoid stopping. If you are dropped they will work to get you across quickly but prepared to stop if necessary. After the bridge there is a series of short and occasionally steep climbs which will lead you to a right onto Hamilton Road, which was has new pavement. At the end of Hamilton Road you will make a right onto Rt. 23. Be aware that shortly after the right is a steep downhill use caution. At the end of Rt. 23 you will take a right onto Rt. 17 followed by another rider at the Kayhill Farm onto Quaker Village Road. Please use Caution and your brakes for the sharp downhill left turn from Quaker Village Road to Field Days Road. Field Days Road climbs slightly before a short downhill. The lap ends with an uphill into the finish. The feed zone is just after the finish.


  • There is a little bad pavement 1 mile after the turn onto Pearson Road for about 1 mile.
  • Heads-up for the single lane wood decked bridge on Pearson Road. This bridge has some cracked boards and some gaps between boards. Do HOLD YOUR LINE on the bridge. Do not ride to the sides of the bridge, as the surface is poor. Be prepared to stop if needed.
  • Shortly after the right turn onto Rt. 23 there is a steep downhill.
  • The sharp left turn off Quaker Village Road to Field Days Road is downhill. Slow down!

Any rider suffering a mishap within the last 3 kilometers of Stage 2 will be given the time they would have attained had the mishap not occurred, provided the rider, if able, reports the crash to finish line officials immediately following the race. The rider will be given his/her actual place across the finish line (or last place in the stage if unable to cross the finish line). The rider will be allowed to start the next stage. 
NOTE: If you are involved in a mishap resulting in injury, please report it to a USAC official so that the proper paper work can be completed. This is for your protection and will allow you to file a claim if needed under the USAC insurance in place for the event. 
Lapped Riders
If time/conditions permit, lapped riders or riders in danger of being lapped will be expected to complete their race. However, race officials at the finish line, reserve the right to ask lapped riders or riders in danger of being lapped to withdraw from the race. A finish time will be calculated for these riders by the Chief Judge. If this calculated time exceeds the 20% time cut, these riders may not be permitted to start Stage 3 (road race). Dropping out of the race other than at the direction of USAC race officials will result in elimination from the stage race pursuant to the stage race rules.
Neutral Support
SRAM will support the following fields: Men Pro/1, Men 2, Men 3, Men 4/5 Open, Juniors & Women Pro/1/2/3. Neutral support will be provided for Men 50, Men 4/5 Masters, Men 40+ & Women 3/4. In these fields there must be 10 sets of wheels or the support will be wheels-in/out only! Racers must provide these wheels to the service vehicles, which will be located in the staging area near the start. Junior wheels must have appropriate gearing. When racing is done, wheels can be reclaimed at the staging area.                                                           Warm up Area
There is to be no warm-up on Route 17.  You can warm-up on Field Days Road prior to the start of each wave. Because of the limited warm-up area, there will be a neutralized start for the first mile.                       Restroom Facilities
Portable toilets are located at the Field Days site adjacent to the staging and parking areas.
Directions to Race
The Field Days Site is located at 1790 Field Days Road, New Haven, Vermont. 50+ minutes from Waitsfield. Enter from Rt. 17.

  • From the north: Take Rt. 7 south to New Haven Junction and the intersection with Rt. 17. Take a right onto Rt. 17 west in 3.4 miles take a left off 17 into the parking area .
  • From the Mad River Valley: Take Rt. 17 head west over the App Gap. Follow Rt. 17 through Bristol, at the Rt. 7 intersection in New Haven take a right at Dunkin Donuts and your first left Rt. 17 west in 3.4 miles turn left into the parking area.
  • From the west: Take Rt. 17 to the start.
  • From the south: Rt. 7 north to New Haven Junction. Turn left onto Rt. 17 west in 3.4 miles turn left into the parking area.