Welcome to the home of the largest Pro/Am road stage race east of the Mississippi!

September 6, 2021

All race results are now posted under the results tab in our table format. We will have a a race wrap-up and photos and more information posted soon.


The 2021 GMSR Tech Guide is now posted. Please read through it as it contains everything you need to know about this year's GMSR.

We are very excited to announce that Bioracer is the leader’s jersey sponsor for our twentieth anniversary. Bioracer is based in the Netherlands and produces top quality custom team kits using a range of European made fabrics and YKK zippers. Bioracer is the manufacturer of team gear for many World Tour Teams. Bioracer’s products are designed to help you go faster, look better, and are made with quality to last. Please check them out online to learn more. You can thank Bioracer for sponsoring the GMSR by considering them to produce your 2022 team clothing.

Covid Update & Race Modifications
Back in early June when we decided that we could safely hold the GMSR this year Vermont was experiencing extremely low Covid infection levels with daily case counts in the single digits. Vermont’s vaccination rate was at 80% (now over 85%) and Vermont’s Governor lifted all restrictions on activities. Just ten weeks later we are seeing a surge in Covid cases across the country. Even with Vermont’s high vaccination rate we are not immune to the increase in cases. 
Despite the recent surge in Covid cases we believe that we can still hold the GMSR safely. To help improve safety for racers, volunteers, officials, and our host communities we are making some changes to this year’s event. 

  • Number packet pick-up will be done differently. While we love getting to see and speak with you at our normal indoor pick-up location our plan this year is to have drive through packet pick-up. This will keep everything outdoors which is safer for you and our volunteers. We can do this because of the online waiver that is now in place. We will be providing the details for number packet pick-up to all registered racers once registration closes via email. Details will also be in the updated Tech Guide and on Facebook. 
  • While we are not requiring it, we are strongly recommending that you be vaccinated against Covid if you are competing this year. This is for your health and safety and the health and safety of your competitors. If you are not yet vaccinated, please consider doing so.
  • Race protests will be moving entirely on-line. The details for how to lodge a formal protest will be spelled out in the updated Tech Guide.The outcome of the protest will be returned to your email so please be prepared by having a device that will enable you to act if needed.
  • For many years we have had a neutral feed zone on the Baby Gap climb. This has been staffed by the Bristol High School cross-country team and coaches. Because of Covid they will not be able to staff this feed zone this year. We are considering alternatives including having self-serve fluids here. We hope to staff this with volunteers, but they are much less likely to be able to run and fill your bottle as the cross-country team did. Please consider now how you could best race the Mad River Road Race with a single feed on the Middlebury Gap. 
  • We will still have formal awards ceremonies with a presentation of leader’s jerseys and the payout of the top three on the stage. We ask that you be prepared with a mask for these ceremonies. Just like at the Tokyo Olympics you will have the chance to remove your mask for photos. We also ask that you have masks available to wear prior to the start of your race in case that should become a requirement. We will be limiting in-person overall GC prize payouts after Stage 4 to just the top prizes in each category. All other GC finishers that have won prize money will be paid electronically the week following the race. How deep in person payments will go for your field will be listed in the updated Tech Guide. 

This list of Covid modifications is not exhaustive and I expect there will be additional changes so please be sure to read future emails and the Tech Guide for updated information.

Tech Guide Update
I have received many questions from racers regarding the 2021 Tech Guide and when it will be available. It has been our practice for many years not to release the final Tech Guide until about a week prior to the race. The reason is that there are always last-minute changes related to road construction, field consolidation, start times, and now Covid. We want you to have the most accurate information possible and want to avoid having multiple and thus inaccurate versions of the Tech Guide circulating. We know from experience that racers will print out an early version of the Tech Guide and not get the final version which might result in them missing their stage start. Please be patient as we update the guide. You will have over a week to study up when the 2021 Tech Guide is released. If you want to get a good sense of how the race will be run, you can review the 2019 Tech Guide. Please keep in mind the start times in that guide will not be accurate for 2021.

Thank you for reading this far. The main takeaway is that we are moving ahead with the GMSR. It is clear Covid is not going to simply disappear and that we are going to be living with it for the foreseeable future. Our goal this year is to get back to some sense of normalcy while we live our best lives and do so as safely as possible. If we did not think we could hold the event safely we would not be moving ahead. We hope the plan we have laid out will give you some comfort in the event's safety and will encourage those of you not yet registered to consider exercising your passion for bike racing by competing at this year’s GMSR.

There will certainly be other changes for the GMSR's twentieth edition. We will keep you updated as they are finalized. Updates will be posted at the GMSR website, via our mailing list, the race Facebook page and the 2021 Tech Guide. 
We hope we will see you at this year's GMSR.